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P-lights Rose Shadow Crystal

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Light Up Your Home With Luxury Rose Shadow Crystal Lamp 

It's no secret that LEDs have been the masters of energy saving among lamps for a long time.  The Led Lamp is the revolutionary LED lamp that produces light in 16 different colors. By combining the latest 3D technology with a highly differentiated crystal design, this unique Led lamp creates a special class of lighting. Enjoy maximum relaxation and absolute well-being anywhere with this incomparable light source!

Magical moments at the push of a button !

Wondering how all of this is supposed to work? The answer is simple: at the push of a button!

Because all you have to do to switch between the different colors is touch the round metal surface on the top. By choosing the desired color, the special glass body of the lamp breaks the light like a diamond thanks to its square cut. The resulting 3D effect creates an impressive and pleasant ambience, which contributes to a cozy atmosphere and a positive indoor climate.

Small lamp with the big effect

The Crystal Lamp immerses every environment in a fascinating sea of ​​colors and light that invites you to descend, relax and feel good. Treat yourself to this versatile light source and bring more quality into your daily life!

Rose Crystal Light Specifications:

  • Product material: LED, acrylic
  • Product length: 90 * 220mm  / 3.54*8,66 inch
  • Product style: RGB 16 colors touch & remote control USB rechargeable models